Thu. Aug 6th, 2020


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The idea of photography is to “capture the soul of the moment” as with the fleeting click of a shutter a moment is frozen in time for ever. Yet many people believe that photography and videography has to be expensive and this is why we started On-Photography, as I have been semi-professional Fine Art Photographer for well over 30 years and I have come to understand that is not the camera which makes the photograph, but the person behind it.  A good friend of mine likes to say “a poor craftsman blames his tools“.  As a photograph is made by a person using a tool (i.e. camera) and while an expensive set of tools can be helpful to the process they should not be seen as the process.


Today we live in an amazing age of affordable technology where even our cellphones have cameras (both still and motion) that would have been the envy of any photographer or videophile just a decade ago.  As the other adage which I firmly subscribe to is that “the best camera, is the camera you use“.  With said, the idea of this website and related YouTube channel is to help share with you not only my exploration of the “affordable” but also “what” can you do with it, as well “how” to do what I with it also.


Worth note too is this not just a one-way street either as while I am here to tech, educate and share.  I am also open to learning from you the viewer too because the one adage I do not subscribe to, is that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” as I believe we learn every day.  So with all of this, please feel to share your thoughts and experience (as comments on the YouTube) so we can all share in them as a community!

Thanks, Joe…