Fri. Aug 7th, 2020


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On-Photography: Affordable Run and Gun Stabilizer for DLSR and Point-shot Cameras!

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In this episode we will be looking at the Neewer C Shaped run and gun platform as this is super cheap and cheerful value to be had!

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Neewer C Shaped Video Action Stabilizing Handle Bracket for DV Camcorders DC DSLR Cameras and Point and Shoot Cameras:

* Material:metal and plastic
* 1 hotshoe mounts for LED light or flash.
* User-Friendly Design; Corrects the Straight Bracket’s Short-coming
* Special C-shape Prevent Crash of the Display
* Hotshoes Slide/Fix up and down on the C Shape Bracket
* Adjustable Bracket Base for Different LCD Panel Size
* Color: Black
* Weight: 12.5 ounce
* Size: 24*20*9

Suitable for:
* Suitable for most DV / Mini DV Camcorder / DC / DSLR camreas with standard 1/4″ tripod socket.
* Suitable for most Continuous LED Phot/Video lights with standard hotshoe.
* Suitable for most Hot-Shoe Flashes and Flash Triggers(exclude Sony & Minolta Flashes due to different Flash Shoe Socket).