Wed. Mar 4th, 2020


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On-Photography: Exploration in Time Beijing Street View!

LifePixel Digital Infrared Photography IR Conversion

For more information on this and other projects, visit us at as in this episode we will be exploring a Beijing China street corner in time-lapse. As this was taken from a 16th floor hotel room over about 2 hours in the early evening with an iPhone 7s mounted on gorilla pod (these things are crazy handy). With time-lapse video the mundane motions of everyday life become prominent and interesting highlighting the ebs and flow what we see as common daily life yet compressed into a micro form.

Octopus Style Portable and adjustable Phone Tripod for IPhone, Cellphone, Smartphone with Phone Mount Holder Clip + Bluetooth remote:

Another good option for this kind of shooting is the ThiEYE 4k action camera with removable filters here: