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On-Photography: Firmware V3 for YI M1 is It a Winner?

In this episode we will be talking about the new Version 3.0 firmware which was released November 1st for the YI M1 as I have been using it for a bit and will share with you my thoughts as well as what additions where made as this is a major game changer for $300 mirrors Micro 4/3rds camera and still can’t get over it! For more information on this and other projects, visit us at

To upgrade, just start the app on your phone while connected to the internet and follow the prompts.

** Changes per YI web site **

-Added exposure control in the mode P/A/S/M for video capture
-Added AF/MF control for video capture
-Added RAW+JPG format for still capture
-Added still image option in Time Lapse
-Added the option to shoot 1-3 images when using the self-timer
function with an initial 2 or 10 second timer
-Added a histogram in live view mode for both still and video capture
-Added new focus viewing modes with improved image quality
including 6x, 8x and 10x magnification in manual focus mode
-Added 2 ways to show the metering mode in the UI
-Added the user guide (restoring factory settings to view)
-Added multiple selection of images for deletion
-Added 2 new options for the display grid
-Auto Exposure algorithm optimisation
-Master Guide template display logic optimized
-Improved Autofocus Speed
-Fixed some known bugs and improved overall stability of the camera
-Changed the thumbnails in each screen from 9 to 12 images