Tue. Jan 28th, 2020


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On-Photography: Unboxing the SJCAM 360+ Degree HD Camera and WOW!

LifePixel Digital Infrared Photography IR Conversion

In this episode we will be unboxing the SJCAM 360 degee camera and so far we are impressed by the quality and size of this little guy (which size is important) as it easily will fit into your pocket and makes a make a great next generation vlogging camera! As simply think of a Casey Neistat video in 360 where if your tired of staring at Caseys mug you can turn around and see what Casey sees! I personally think this will be the next generation of vlogging to up that interest level!

If your interested in get one of your own SJCAM 360+ camera or just finding out more, we have a created a resource page here: on-photography.pictures/sjcam-360deg-action-camera/

You can also see more on Gearbest here: goo.gl/H97Jbx or if your a Banggood shopper click here: goo.gl/A3jjWR

For more information on this and other projects, visit us at on-photography.pictures/